A coaching friend of mine came up with this concept of riding dopamine like a wave. We were talking about embracing the natural rhythms of work and life on my podcast, and he shared this surfing analogy.

How do you ride the dopamine wave? Keep reading to find out.

Back to the podcast. I invited Ryan to share some of the lessons he has learned coaching ADHD people all over the country.

Who is he? You probably haven't heard of ADHD Coach Ryan Mayer, but over 500,000 views of his youtube channel mean a lot of people online sure have. I called him up from his backyard in Cleveland Ohio, and we recorded the conversation for my video podcast Focus Mastery.

Below is a 1 min except of our conversation:

Why does Coaching Matter?

Early in Ryan's career, he bounced around from job to job, either quitting or getting fired. Working long nights and weekends while trying to go above and beyond only to have the same burnout helped Ryan to re-think the neruotypical approach to work. He began shifting his mindset. Instead of just looking at what he could do, he started taking a look at his interests and passions, then crafting his career around work that would connect with his deeper why.

So to have a fulfilling career, we need to begin with our why, what drives us. But how do you connect your passions and interest with fulfilling work?

Coach Ryan recently put together a course for ADHD people to discover the type of work that will suit them best. The course "How to find work that works with your ADHD" is not another skill share or coursara class. He designed it to prompt you every day with the next lesson, and you don't have to login anywhere to follow along.

Great, so you start with your why, and then start taking steps towards a job you love. But what about all the other challenges we face with ADHD brains? As most of us can probably attest, a new job does not solve the challenges we face. Very often, those challenges follow us everywhere we go.

And that is one more why behind coaching. Coaching is about discovering the unique recipe for each of us, not just following some off the shelf advice. We each have our own unique circumstances, and even baggage. A coach can help you uncover exactly the areas most important for you to work on, and help guide you to the goals you set.

If you are curious about taking the next step in coaching, reply back to this email to learn the next steps.

And if you are just here for the journey, thank you! Knowing people like you are out there reading these makes all the difference to me.

Onward and upward!

Ride the Dopamine Wave