ADHD can feel like an obstacle to overcome.

You forget why you walked into a room.

Simple chores become monumental tasks.

Staying focused on one thing? Forget it!

But what if  these brain behaviors are actually features, not bugs in our mental wiring?

I know that sounds crazy. But see if you agree by the end!

Picture of a goldfish in water, and black text next to it saying "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein"
Quote by Albert Einstein

Ugly Duckling, Ugly Brain?

Do you remember the story of the ugly duckling? Spoilers ahead if not...

The protagonist was a swan who thought they were a duck.

All of the things ducks could do easily, the swan had a hard time doing.

Swans can't do duck things as well as ducks can do them.

Duh... right?

But hear me out.

What if ADHD brains are just like that ugly duckling?

What if typical school, typical work, typical offices suit ducks, or neurotypicals, just fine, but not us neurodivergent?

Approaching those typical things like a duck... means I will never be as good at those tasks as neurotypicals.

Let's stop trying to be like a duck.

Imagine work that felt like play

What if... instead of dreading work, you got satisfaction from it?

What if... instead of procrastinating, you were able to focus?

What if... what seems easy for you was hard for others?

The path to feeling like work is play exists. It's possible.

Others have gone before us, showing us the way. Books like Mastery document this journey. Men and women that have pushed into their uniqueness, discovered their destiny, and found success.

Play does not mean easy. It does not me fun all the time.

But play is so much better than drudgery. Better than mind numbing boredom.

A playground for discovering your path

When I was a kid, I learned the monkey bars from watching other kids play. They learned it from watching others.

Do you remember leapfrog? That was a blast! My tall and skinny body could leapfrog over kids standing straight up. Wide eyed, they would try it too... with a bit less success.

We all just played around -> tried things -> learned-> failed-> tried again.

That's how we discovered our strengths, and weaknesses.

Sure, I sometimes needed someone to explain the rules to me. But more often than not, watching others, asking questions, and just trying things got me further than planning and plotting a strategy.

Imagine if we took the playground approach to finding our ADHD strengths?

But instead of surrounding yourself with ducks, you were around people like you?

There are so many strategies and tactics that can help, but don't work for everyone.

I have used the pomodoro method for over 10 years, but interviewing other ADHD folks some said it sucked.

Nothing is ever one size fits all.

But what if... what if we could all share what works for us, learn from each other, and keep playing around to find strategies that work for us?

I want that. I want it for me, and for you.

I want a place where ADHD doesn't feel like an obstacle to overcome, but a unique approach to seeing and interacting with the world.

Building an ADHD Community

Let's build it!

I have found pockets of us gathering all over the internet, but none quite like this.

Let's build:

  • A place where ADHD is the norm.
  • A place where we discover how work can feel like play.
  • A place to try, experiment, fall over and pick ourselves back up.
  • A place where we help each other, and end up helping ourselves.

Let's build an ADHD playground to share what works for your brain, and I can see if it will work for mine.

Just imagine an ADHD community that celebrated your uniqueness, and encouraged you to keep discovering what you were called to do?

Did you get goosebumps yet?

Are you jumping up and down?

If any of this resonates with you, hit reply in your email.

Reply with something like:

  • "I'm in."
  • "Hell yea!"
  • "Let's get this show on the road."

We are building it. It's already happening. I just need to know who to invite to the sandbox vs who wants to wait until the playground is already built.

Are you in?