I believe coaching can help you get unstuck, realize your potential, and create positive habits you have been trying to do on your own for years.

I believe this, because my coach has helped me with these very same things. Which is ironic, because I grew up with a coach in my house.

I was immersed in coaching, from the personality, self help, and coaching books lining our book cases, to the dinner conversations. My mom was an organizational trainer, public speaker, and coach. She worked with schools, non-profits and government entities, and tons of individual people.

So I had seen how her work helped individuals an organizations. But I thought I could figure things out myself. Surely I didn't need a coach. I thought, "Can't we figure out how to do things without someone telling us what to do?"

The best coaches don't actually tell people what to do.

Seriously. Coaches are different from advisors, or mentors. But more on that later...

Why coaching?

Have you ever lost your sunglasses, only to realize they were on top of your head? Or perhaps you started looking for your phone, only to realize you were holding it?

Our brain pays attention to what is different and dynamic while it de-emphasizes what is similar and static. In short, we become blind to the familiar.

When I loose the glasses that are sitting on top of my head, it is easy for my wife to laugh and point to their location.

When I was trying to get better at swimming, it was hard for me to see my torso sinking low in the water. Standing on the side of the pool, my swim coach had a different and better perspective than someone in the water. He could easily point out my poor body position, and how to fix it, because he knew where to stand, and what to look for.

Coaching can be like a mirror, showing me where I am positioned, relative to where I want to be. Sometimes that means encouragement, reminding me of the progress we have made so far. Other times, it is the gentle nudge of pointing me in the direction we originally set.

The best coaches may not tell people what to do. They open up help them discover more about themselves, and live up to the full potential inside them.

ADHD coaching

You might be wondering, does coaching help people with ADHD? Our poor executive functioning means we have a hard time doing what we know we should be doing. Our time blindness can get in the way of long tasks. Just starting tasks can feel like an insurmountable obstacle, impossible to climb.

Well, some researchers decided to answer if coaching helped people with ADHD.

You might enjoy curling up by the fire to read this long scientific study of ADHD coaching, or read the conclusion below:

ADHD coaching had a positive impact on the lives of people with ADHD.

That is quite the statement! I was expecting something less clear coming from researchers when I first came across the study.

There is so much more to uncover about the way our brains work, but I am excited to use my unique talents to help others discover theirs, through coaching.

The Ask

I wonder if you are someone that wants to see the positive impacts of coaching in your life. Instead of just wondering, I will go ahead and ask.

Are you interested in learning if ADHD coaching is right for you?

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